New Work – Unimpressed Kid

Here is a new piece I thought I would share. Please enjoy this conceptual portrait of a kid who is slightly unimpressed with his meal… frankly, I probably would have been as well. (At least I think it was the meal… it could also have been that his brother was sitting next door playing Game Boy in the studio lounge… Now – I’m saying Game Boy(it looked like one) not even knowing if thats still a thing? – But for the sake of kids nowadays I hope it is! I remember spending a summer (when I was a kid) doing gardening, painting and whatever else my parents could come up with for $2/hour to save up for one – but thats another story I suppose – I did finally end up with one though!)

And if you think he looks familiar… yet not. I might be because I’ve photographed his younger brother in the past, you can check him out HERE (if you forgot or just feel like it).

Unimpressed Kid... by Jens Kristian Balle // Photographer | Conceptual portrait and still life photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada
Unimpressed Kid… by Jens Kristian Balle // Photographer

… and if your in Vancouver don’t forget to check out the “After Hours” group show by CAPIC, The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators, which will showcase personal work by local commercial photographers… There should be lots of great work, the show is also part of the Capture Photography Festival which CAPIC supports… HERE is a few more details.